Business Edit

In a business environment computers are different from other environments. What a business needs from a computer is to be able to store information about ether their staffs information or information about their products that they have or sell. Also a business will need to be able to have a network that will be able to handle users at once in the company so that the users can have access the system at all time without it going down all the time, they need to have a form of security so that they cannot be a breach in security.

A business environment needs more power than a home environment because they process more data at one time than a home computer will do and they will also need a higher level of security than a home computer because they have more sensitive information stored on there systems. different businesses will used differant types of computer systems and some might uses multiple they are microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframes, and supercomputers.

Microcomputers will be used at the user end of the system in a business environment, these will be used by staff members connected to a mainframe or network. the microcomputers will be low end and just to be able to run software like Microsoft office and other low end programs.

Minicomputers will be used also by staff for certain jobs that need extra power for high end animation and rendering 3D objects. a server will be used to handle the users on the system and to give them services such as printing and file search.

Mainframes these are used within businesses to handle lots of data at on time, and this might even be used in a large scaled network connected to other computers to get more power to process more data at the same time to get more calculations done quicker than other computers like micro and mini computers.

Supercomputers are used to process single problems at a time but really quick and to solve complcated scientific experiments. This could be used for models of the human brain.

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