Central processing unit (CPU) Edit

The function of the CPU is to process all the information going through the computer at the time that is why if you have an overpowered graphics card and a bad CPU the graphics card will bottle neck and then be pointless really in the system you have because the full potential of the card will not be able to be used so having a good CPU is necessary if you want a faster computer than other computers.

The faster the CPU the faster the computer can process this is all determined by the clocked speed and the number of cores the processor has the higher speed more calculation can happen at once.

Control unit Edit

This helps the CPU in controlling the flow of data through the processor and to other devices that need the information to work, it will control the information from input devices like keyboards and mice and also will deal with output devices like sound cards and monitors to display the information on. 

Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) Edit

This is a part of the CPU to tell the Arithmetic logic unit what operations it is going to do with what information it needs to do the operation it is needed to do.  Some CPU’s have more than one Arithmetic logic unit to perform more complex operation or it could be used to perform more operations at the same time. The Arithmetic logic unit get the information and then the Arithmetic logic unit does its work and put the finish in an output register.

Registers Edit

Registers are a big component in the CPU because it needs them to store in the input register before it gets processed by the CPU then after it is done the data is then put into the output register, the sized depends of the CPU’s bit which can either be 32 bit or 64 bit but with modern technology most CPU are in a 64-bit and then the registers are 64-bit wide. 

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