Central processing unit (CPU) Edit

A CPU is basically the brain of the computer going from personal computers to supercomputers they all need to have a CPU in them to work, and this is where most of the calculations are taken place in the computer system and this is where the majority of the computing power comes from, the CPU on personal computers is on top of the microprocessor this has been like that since the 1970s when they brought in the microprocessor. The CPU comes with different cores this can range from 1 core to 72 cores, Pc do to cores of highest at the moment 8 servers have up to 12 cores but servers can take two processors on their motherboard sometime which can take them up to 24 cores then the supercomputer Exascale has just got a 72 core processor installed to it.

There are two leading manufactures of processors they are AMD and Intel, AMD was founded in 1969 and Intel 1969 Intel is the more recognized of the two because it is more supported than AMD is but people say that with AMD you get more bang for your bucks.

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