Computer architecture Edit

The architecture in a computer could be how the connection between components called busses, also this could be how data is processed this help make standards in the computing  world making more components compatible with other components allowing upgrades to be more easy than they used to be.

Busses Edit

Busses is where the information is sent around the computer and it can be different sizes ether 32-bit or 64-bit this all depends on the motherboard you get and will show up on your computer what your computer is capable off if you have a 64-bit motherboard and a 32-bit CPU you will only be allowed to send round on a 32-bit system because the CPU will limit you that bandwidth.

Busses work by the device sending giving the address of where the information is going to the reserving device knows it is for them then uses a clock signal to keep in time with the CPU and then send ether a write or read signal with is so the device knows what to do with the information it is receiving.

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