Microcomputers Edit

The microcomputer really hit off in the 1970s+ when the more powerful microprocessors arrived on the scene. A microcomputer is a computer that depends on a microprocessor. They are designed for personal uses in different forms like personal computer to notebooks, the microcomputer contains a central processing unit that is on top of the microprocessor, ram (Random access memory) and rom (read only memory) also has bus systems, I/O and is more than likely to all be attached to a motherboard. However the term micro was big in the 1970s and 80s but now it has fallen out of common use. To give you an example of a micro-computer the commodore 64 was the best of its era and one of the best selling models of home computers of all time.

Personal computers (PC) Edit

The personal computer is designed for personal uses the price of a PC can vary quite a lot going from hundred ponds to well over two thousand ponds, like the microcomputer the personal computer is based on the microprocessor which allows the manufactures to put the central processing unit (CPU) on a single chip which is normally then attached to a motherboard.

The most common uses of the personal computer in a house hold is paying game and working on a word processor, on the other hand PC’s are not just used for individual use at your home businesses also used PC’s and businesses uses them for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing, spreadsheets and database management applications ect.

Apple was the first PC in the later 1970s which was called the apple 2 then IBM launched their personal computer called IBM PC which soon became the choices of personal computer by the general public. But IBM’s personal computer soon got chased off the scene when other companies started making identical IBM computers, they made them so alike they were practically the same computer but cheaper and able to run the same software because they used the same hardware as IBM did.

In our day and age there is two leaders in the computing word which is Windows and Apple and it is pretty split between the two.

Mobile computers Edit

Mobile computing is technology that allows the transmission of any data through any wireless device that is not connected to a physical link. Example devices are:

·        Laptop’s

·        Smartphones

·        Tablets

·        Wearable computers like the apple watch

There are some discontinued device that are classed as mobile computers they are:

·        Portable computers

·        Personal digital assistant/Enterprise digital assistant

Ultra-mobile pc

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