Minicomputers Edit

A minicomputer is basically a mid-range PC what lies between workstations and mainframes in modern day the difference between large mini computers and mainframes they are basically the same thing and minicomputers is a term that is not often used. The minicomputer is a multiprocessing system that is able to support 4 to 200 users at the same time.

The minicomputer arrived around the 1960s to describe smaller computers and these became possible to make with the uses of transistors and core memory technology they were made to fit into a 19” rack cabinets unlike the mainframes before it that would fill whole rooms.

Mid-range servers Edit

Midrange servers are more powerful and capable than PC’s but less powerful than a mainframe. Midrange servers are normally sold to businesses all though the public can buy servers, servers are used to run application and the client’s computer is able to use the application that the server is serving. The midrange server is not as powerful as a main frame but it does cost less and costless to maintain so this is why most companies get midrange servers for their business rather than a mainframe because they are costly. Servers are used for hosting websites like Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia all probably have their own server they run but you can rent a server if you cannot afford to buy a server yourself but want to put a website on the internet.

Workstations Edit

Workstations are high end computers can be PCs but cost a lot of money, workstations come with high resolution screens, at least 8GB (gigabytes) of RAM (random access memory), built in network support, also workstations come with a storage like HDD (Hard Disk Drive) at least a 1TB-2TB (terabyte) and/or an SSD of at least 250GB-500GB (Solid State Drive). Workstation come with an OS (operating system) the most popular in a workstation now is Linux and windows 10. Becoming more and more popular because of the internet is a different type of work station called a diskless workstation the only difference is that the workstation does not come with a disk drive.

Workstations are between personal computers and minicomputers even if the minicomputer is not in uses anymore but if it was it would have more computing power than the workstation but the workstation is the high end computer now. The workstation is like a PC which works on a single user basis, normally workstations are linked via LAN (Local Area Network) they can also be used as a standalone system. 

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