Monitors, display adapters Edit

A monitor is used to display the information coming from your computer on your screen. For example, you would not be able to see this wiki without the computer sending the information to the monitor to display this page.

There is three types of display one being most common in our era. There are, monochrome(Black and white), grey-scale(Black, grey and white) and, colour( able to uses thousands of different colours from the RGB design) the most popular is the colour monitor because all computer come with colour monitors if they do and you only really fins colour ones if you looking to buy a monitor.

The resolution of the monitor depends on how many pixels are able to be displayed on the monitor, this is displayed but the P sigh when you buy a monitor. For example 720P, 1080P, 4K. 4K is the newest resolution but is quite costly if you want that spec on your monitor the most common is 1080P which most monitors come standard with that spec. also this depends on the rate of refresh on the screen which is how the image on screen is refreshed and kept up to date so the monitor with a higher refresh rate will have the better quality.

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