Networking Edit

Networking allows a number of computers to communicate with each other efficiently and safely. The safety of the network comes from polices that the company implement to the network they have created but this can differ if you have a home network not many home networks have polices in the network because they do not have that high of risk information as companies, some companies make their own polices for their networks they make. Also if the network keeps going down the user-end will not be able to access the information that the server has stored in so the company really needs to have a sable network connection or the users will not be able to work on the computers they have provided if the network is down.

in a network environment every type of computer system can be found depending on what use the network is needed for. For a place like a college the computer will have policies on the network so that the users are safe on the network because multiple users will be logging on and have there information on the system.

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