Printers Edit

There are two types of printers in the printing world and they are ink-jet and laser printing the quality and costs are different from each other.

·         Ink-jet

Ink jet printers work on ink and spraying a little bit of ink at a time onto the page to make the images or words on the page you are printing. They are better colour but they do cost more in ink and they are considerably slower than laser.

·         Laser

Laser printers work with electronic charges and when an electronic charge hit the paper then a toner follows and sticks to the paper creating the image or text needed on the paper. This produces a higher quality images and it uses ink more efficient but it does cost more to but the rod that goes in the printer than standard ink.

Plotters Edit

Plotters are another type of printer that work with vector graphics, it uses a pen to draw lines onto a piece of paper and it works with lots and lots of lines instead of the dots on ink the other printer’s uses to make the images required. They are mostly used for engineering purposes because of their great precision on the page so it is good for seeing the little bits on an image made by a plotter.

Cameras Edit

A camera can either be film or digital, a digital camera stores images in a digital form like images you find of google, unlike the traditional cameras that used film to capture the image. Both types of cameras take in light and make them into the image you want but film work on the light is burned onto the film to make the image and the digital image uses a mechanism to make the image on an SD cards. The quality of an image in a digital camera can be defined by the mega pixels that the camera that it can take.

Scanners Edit

Scanners allow the user to scan in documents and then put them in a digital form on their computer or other type of storage device. An image that is put on the scanner gets section up into grids of pixels with different pixels having different colour to make up the image.

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