Real-Time computers monitor happenings that are current, this type of system could be used for weather and traffic because they always are changing and are needed to keep up to date so people know what the weather is like where they are planning on going and what is going to be the best route to thee destination. This system could also be used for air traffic so the planes can be redirected if there is a hold up at the air port and this will reduce crashes. this system uses the clock to update on and this muct be set up to the correct time or the computer will not be a Real-Time system,this system will also need a lot of processing power to do the calculations it is made to perform and will need a lot of memory to store the information it is taking in all the time/

most real-time systems use supercomputers so that they can do multiple calculations at a fast rate to get the data they need to display the information in real time like the weather and air traffic.

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