Specialised Cards Edit

Specialised cards are network cards and graphics cards you can add to the PC you have to improve on it.

Graphics cards Edit

Graphics cards deal with all the images and the better graphics card you have in the pc the better quality images your computer can generate and this helps with animation and gaming because they need more graphical power than anything else you can do on a computer.

Network cards Edit

Network cards allow you to connect to the internet you have at home all though most motherboards come with a Ethernet port on them now you can still get wireless cards so you do not have to have a Ethernet card wired to the room the PC is in, but it is recommended to have a wired connection to the router so you have a solid connection to the internet because wireless can be interfere with by all different things like, walls in the way certain metal can stop it coming through the walls so sometimes it is better to have an Ethernet cable to the computer.

Accelerated graphics port (AGP) Edit

AGP was developed by Intel and it is based on the more known PCI but AGP is designed for 3-D graphics. Instead of using PCI which uses the bus lanes on the computer, AGP is a dedicated channel so that the graphics controller can access the main memory directly, the AGP channel is a 32 bit system and runs a 66MHz, this means the bandwidth is 266MBps whereas the PCI system only runs at 133MBps, also APG allows the 3-D textures to be stored in the main memory rather than video memory which will help the video memory focus on other textures it will need to render.

Modem cards Edit

A modem card is used for people who have dial-up this connects to the internet via the phone and receives audible signal turns it into binary so the computer can read it and then to send it back through the phone line it turns it back into audible signal. Not really needed in today’s technology because dial-up is a thing of the passed no more waiting for someone to finish on the phone.

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