Storage media Edit

There are many different storage devices like HDD, flash drives, SD cards, CD drives.

The hard disk drive is a magnetic storage device in computers that stored all the data in them, the sizes can range from 250GB – 4TB, it reads and writes on a disk that is in the HDD case. They can find something on the hard drive in usually 12 milliseconds this is called seek time. There are many different manufacturers now like, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Toshiba, Maxtor, and western digital.

One of the first HDD was called the Winchester drives and was named by a guy called Winchester for the company IBM in 1973.

You can now get portable HDD to take all the work you need with you with no problem they can range from 250GB-2TB at the moment but the technology is getting better so the size will increase in time.

The DVD is an optical storage that makes bumps and groves in the disk to make the computer read it as 1’s and 0’s so the computer can read what is on the DVD drive.

Flash drive is stored on an EEPROM, EEPROM can be erased but instead of using an electrical charge rather than UN light which makes it better for digital storage.

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