microcomputers Edit

Microcomputer are at the low end of the computer system world which providing the least amount of processing power but they do cost the least amount of money out of the computer systems and time to set up. microcomputers are used mostly in home environments because they are so cheap and they provide the users with all the essentials needs like word processors and calendars. the microcomputer uses standard parts to make that run along side a operating system.

minicomputers Edit

the minicomputer is a step up from a microcomputer and it does cost more to set it up than a microcomputer but it has more processing power and is able to process more data at a higher rate. most minicomputers are set up like a microcomputer, but the minicomputer comes with networking bases operating systems. hardware in the minicomputer contains Raid cards from backing data up.

mainframes Edit

mainframes are very expensive and are normally limited to businesses that need a lot of processing powers that can process lots of information at the same time, this has some standards parts but is configured to use multiple processors and store vast quantities of data. a mainframe will connect to other computer to then again up the processing power of the mainframe so it can do more processes at once for the business that has installed it. a mainframe needs specialist operating systems and special pieces of software that is able to handle multiple processors so this is why it also rises the price of the mainframe.

Supercomputers Edit

the super computer is the most costly in the computer system line up, they do give out the most processing power but they do not run standard software like the average microcomputer because they are programmed to deal with data differently. the specialist software has to be built for the supercomputer because they can not handle multiple processes at once but it focuses on one bit of data and calculates the out come of that data super quick and move onto the next bit of data.

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