System software Edit

System software refers to the files and programs that makes up the operating system. The system software included libraries of functions, system service, drivers for keyboards and mice also other divers for hardware like graphics cards.

Operating systems (OS) Edit

The operating system is on the computer so that it has a user interface. For example, windows 10, 8, 7, xp, vist, ME, 2000 and so on there are more operating systems from apple and Linux. The operating system does basic tasks like recognising keyboard input, sending output to the monitors keeping track of files on the hard drive.

Utility programs Edit

Utility programs perform a very specific task normally managing system recourses. The OS managing disk drives, printers and other devices. Utility programs such as word processors, spreadsheet programs and database application.

Library programs Edit

In programming a library is a collection on files that have been made by someone else for someone to uses while they are programming. By making libraries this makes the programs smaller in size than they would if you had to write out the whole code in the program all the time. You are able to updater the library instead of each individual page of writing so this can cut down the time of coding your programs and keeping the maintaining time down.

Translator programs Edit

Translator programs are programs on the computer that changes a language of a programming language the program is write in and changes it to s functionally equivalent program in a different computer software, without losing the functional structure of the original code. Some programing languages that can be changed between are C++, Java and COBOL.

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